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Wholesale 100% pure natural bee honey

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Wholesale 100% pure natural bee honey

We are wholesaler and distributor of honey

Our honey does differ from other type of honeys in terms of chemical content, physical feature and health benefits.

• honey has high PH level, prevents the bacteria growth
that causes infections.
• In addition to being rich in vitamin A, honey is a valuable source of
iron and calcium.
• honey has high antioxidant level.
• It is also rich in terms of proteins and amino acids.
• Due to those features it is preferable for apitherapy
(treatment with bee products).
Pine Honey has a darker color and hardly crystallizes.
Pine Honey differs from other types of honeys in that it contains more natural enzymes,
amino acids and minerals. For this reason, it is also preferred in child nutrition.
Pine honey has better average values from blossom honey and acacia honey types in
terms of minerals and anti-oxidant capacity.

More than 12 times of Acacian
Honey Potassium Content
6 times of Blossom Honey
Potassium Content

%64 more than Blossom Honey
Zinc Content

Nearly 5 times of Acacian Honey
Magnesium Content
3 times of Blossom Honey
Magnesium Content

Nearly 7 times of Acacian Honey,
5 times of Blossom Honey

Nearly 2.5 times of Acacian
Honey Iron Content
%61 more than Blossom Honey

Iron Content

Phenolic Content&Total
Antioxidant Capacity
Twice of Acacian Honey Phenolic
Nearly 3 times of Accacian honey
Antioxidant Capacity

Pine Honey is unique and exclusive, due its mild sweetness, pleasent flavour and local delicacy, always leaving an exotic taste on our palate.


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